As some of you may know from talking with me on social media, I’ve been attempting to sell my house since April and it’s been the craziest ride I’ve ever been on. I’m talking a rollercoaster where 90% of it you’re either upside-down or free falling. After four failed contracts, three separate inspections, two appraisals and a very confusing day where a backhoe showed up in our yard to dig it up without permission, we are FINALLY DONE. Through all of that I’ve still needed to show up for work, show up for my child, show up for my relationship and show up for myself every single day. A lot of people ask me how I’ve been able to keep going without completely losing my mind and I thought I would share my current go-to secret with everyone.

CBD and Meditation.

That’s it. Both of those things together have literally saved me right now. I get up in the morning, I stretch and I either have some Apple-Hibiscus Hemptealicious OR I use my Pure Hemp Botanicals Vape Pen (Blue Dream please!) Then I settle down for the small amount of time that my kiddo is still asleep and I meditate. Now, meditation has not always come easily to me and if I’m being honest some days it still doesn’t BUT when I truly put my mind and soul into it, it’s a tool that drastically changes the way that the rest of my day forms and evolves.