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Hi.  My name is Tim.  I am usually a very private person but I want to tell you a story about myself in the hope that maybe my story can help you, or someone you know and love.

I was always a healthy, active individual.  I was a blackbelt in karate, lifted weights, and hiked many mountainous miles with my wife and two sons over the years. I was healthy-until the health problems began.

Slowly I started to lose my ability to walk. I lost my balance and fell all the time.  My feet became numb-but not “numb” with tingling and pin pricks.  My feet were more like they were “dead”.  (I stepped on a nail once while I was still able to walk and didn’t even know it until my wife saw the nail embedded in my foot.)  This “deadness” worked its way up to my knees.  I went from struggling to walk independently, to needing a cane, then a walker, and finally I couldn’t transport myself without the use of an electric wheelchair. I did not have the strength to push a manual wheelchair because my hands and arms were also affected.  Eventually I lost the ability to write my own name!  I felt as though my illness stole my identity!  And it took away my ability to drive a car.  I said that my feet and legs felt “dead”.  (They were – a biopsy said the nerve was too deteriorated to provide any information at all for the doctor.)

I felt nothing in my feet and legs, except PAIN!  There was horrible shooting pain in my feet and my legs (then eventually in my hands.)  The pain was intense – and more and more frequent until I lived with pain.  All the time.I reached the state where I could barely move from my wheelchair to the couch or the bed.

Five years passed as I tried to find answers to my debilitating condition. I saw many, many doctors, including neurologists, orthopedic doctors, diabetic specialists, rheumatologists, even acupuncturists.  And of course, I had medical test after test, including EMGs, MRI’s, CTs, lymes disease, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s, and tons of bloodwork.  I went to doctors in my hometown, in Pittsburgh, and Hershey.  I even went to a specialist at Johns Hopkins.  In one year alone, I had 45 doctor visits!  No one could figure out the cause or name of my illness.

My son did a tremendous amount of research and insisted that I try CBD Oil.  I tried CBD Oil!  Within a few months, I started to feel something a tiny bit different…  Results!  I’ve continued to take CBD Oil for about a year and a half now and now my quality of life has improved tremendously!  I am living again!

We sincerely believe that CBD HELPED ME!  There are many stories like mine on the internet.  Check the internet and YouTube for personal stories and testimonials related to concerns that you might have an interest in.

Now my son and I believe so strongly in CBD Oil that we have started SUNNCBD.  Since I personally used CBD Oil, I know that the quality/potency of the product can vary greatly among manufacturers.  That is why SUNN CBD is extremely pleased to partner with PURE HEMP BOTANICALS.  This highest-quality CBD Oil from PURE HEMP BOTANICALS is grown and processed organically in the U.S.A. with no pesticides, no harsh chemicals, and no additives.

We believe that CBD Oil has given me a better quality of life.  Can it do the same for you?  I believe it is worth a try!

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