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Flying with our CBD Products

Flying With Our CBD Products

So it’s 6am, you’re standing in a line with about 200 people and this security checkpoint is the last thing between you and a plane to Hawaii (we can dream, right?) Your bag is going through the scanner and you have that panicked moment worrying that there’s something in there you forgot you can’t have. Now, a bottle of contact solution is one thing but what about your trusty Pure Hemp Botanicals CBD Softgels? Are they allowed? Are you about to get taken to a windowless room and questioned? This is something we’re often asked here at PHB, “Can I fly with my CBD products?”

Have no fear, we’re here to help you!

Whether you use your products regularly as a daily supplement/to assist an ailment or you need it for the flight itself you’ll probably want to take it with you! Recently I traveled from Colorado to Pennsylvania and brought the following Pure Hemp Botanicals products with me: One bottle of 300mg pet tincture, a bottle of 300mg Softgels, a tin of Apple Hibiscus Hemptealicious and a vape pen with 3 cartridges . Everything but the Softgels went in my checked bags but I wanted those for the plane rides (I am not the best flier around.) I did a ton of research and this is what I found out.

TSA will under no circumstances allow you to bring any product that has higher than .3 % THC. Anything over that will be considered illegal and you will get stopped as well as possibly charged for having it. For that reason it is incredibly important that you have your CBD in its original packaging as well as a print out of the 3rd party test results for that product. When I traveled I left each product in my bag with its corresponding print-out wrapped around it. This way they would have all the documentation if they searched the bag and had any question of what was in it. I kept my print-out for the Softgels with me in the event that they would need to see it at the TSA checkpoint. In the end they simply looked at the bottle and put it right back in my bag. Easy-Peasy.

“Since CBD can provide such safe and effective stress and anxiety relief, many are wondering about bringing it on airplanes. Fortunately, following these few guidelines will help to keep you on the right side of the law. Even though recreational cannabis use is legal in some states, the TSA is a federal agency and airports are subject to federal laws. And as we all know, marijuana is still prohibited federally. That’s why TSA can stop you for attempting to travel with edibles, dried flower or other forms of cannabis that contain THC. But CBD is somewhat of an exception, especially if it is derived from hemp. That’s because the DEA and the FDA do not consider CBD made from hemp to be the same as psychoactive cannabis. As long as the THC content in the CBD oil is below 0.3 percent, you’re in the clear. The problem can be that the CBD oil sold in medical dispensaries is often derived from cannabis, not hemp. As such, THC concentrations can be much higher. That, and the source of the CBD oil, would thus technically make it illegal under federal law.” Find the full article here:

Now, the other important thing you need to look into what is legal in your destination. Within the US Hemp-derived CBD is legal across the board but if you’re traveling internationally you’ll want to be sure it will be legal to go through customs with it.

There you have it folks! You can relax and fly calmly with all that you need because with a little research and preparation you most definitely can travel by plane with your Pure Hemp Botanicals products! You can look up your products 3rd party testing results here to be 100% prepared for your own travels!

Written By: Emily Hemphill

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